Can't say sorry enough about not updating for the last 2 weeks! My internet has been dreadful, and whenever I would try to post something , it would cut off! I am just going to upload a couple images off the internet to start again.
Also what do you think of the F1 so far? How about Buttons schoolboy error? Get commenting and tell me!
Sorry everyone, but my internet is very hit and miss lately, so I am trying to sort it out. May not post anything for a while, but bear with me!
What do you all think of this logo?



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Sorry everyone I haven't had internet connection since wednesday! I will be uploading a car discussion tomorrow so keep tuned!
I FOUND THE MBWSCS images! Here they are, from a couple months back, Enjoy!
Again really sorry about not being able to upload those images, but anyhow, what do you guys think of the Pagani Huayra? Personally, I think it has a lot to live up to against the Zonda, but I really want to know what you think! So get out of your shells and start commenting, because I know some people are repeatedly viewing, so get stop being shy and interact, I am not that scary!

These stats are from Fifth Gear and Fox News which seemed most reliable to me compared to others I checked!

Top speed: 230 mph (Pagani figures)
0-62mph: sub 3.5 seconds
BHP: 690bhp
Torque: 811lb/ft
Engine: 6.0 litre twin turbo V12 (From SL65 Black Series AMG)
Weight:under 1360kg (3,000 lb)
Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch AUTOMATIC
Price: roughly 1 million pounds (1.4 million USD) 

That should be enough info and here are the links to  Fox News and Fifth Gear reviews:
I am really sorry guys, but the photos, aren't there! I am really sorry guys! If you have any images from the show then please upload! Sorry.
This isn't really a upcoming event, it was a couple months ago, but I have some images from the MBWSCS, which I will upload tomorrow afternoon. So keep tuned!
Hi everyone! Just came back from Volksworld, some amazing cars there I have to admit! Here are the best cars (and bikes) from the show:
I will be heading to Volksworld tomorrow in the hope of finding some special cars. There should be some stunning cars so I will try not to scratch one! I will upload the BEST photos I took so keep tuned. Here are some cars I expect to see.