Fact file

Interesting Facts

Enzo Ferrari named the Ferrari Dino after his son,Dino, died of muscular dystrophy.

The NYPD used bicycles to chase down speeding motorists in 1898. 
Ferrari makes 14 cars a day. That is only 5110 a year! (based on 365 days). 

The engine bay for the Mclaren was gold plated because it was the best heat reflective 

Rolls Royce's bonnet ornament is called 'the Spirit of Ecstasy'   
F1 Facts

The longest track ever used in F1 was Pescara, based in Italy, with a total distance of 24.7km

F1 cars have over 80,000 different parts, and if 99.9% were put together correctly, it would still have 80 problems

F1 cars can reach 160 kph and back to 0 kph in 4 seconds!

On street circuits, such as Monaco, F1 cars downforce provides enough suction to lift up manhole covers! Therefore, they need to be welded down to prevent that from happening.